These wild Morning-After Stories Might Just Be The Funniest Thing Ever

Let’s be truthful: One-night stands are weird. You’re having a complete stranger and exposing these to the quintessential close areas of yourself. Then you certainly probably never see all of them once more. Makes complete sense, correct?

Needless to say, many different aspects need to be considered — alcoholic beverages, whether you’re on a break, whether you’re feeling down and require a random hookup, finding some one way-out of your category hitting you, or perhaps common logic-overthrowing horniness. 

However the end result is practically always this: You awaken next to a stranger. And awkwardness ensues. 

This is why Redditors got on this subject concern: Reddit, what exactly is the worst experience of awakening after a-one night stand?

The replies are pretty amazing. 







Alas, all wasn’t well and after couple of hours of knocking on doorways the guy realised he’d entirely forgotten about where she lived.

The guy came back the home of me personally and our very own stinking apartment in which the guy prepared breakfast for us both with much cardiovascular system therefore the bluest of testicle.

*Update – I just remembered another perspective for this tale – the guy phoned myself as he was actually taking walks on store and explained he couldn’t remember whether her title ended up being, say both, ‘Emma’ or ‘Anna’, then phoned me again in a stress a while later whilst shopping for her residence asking exactly what two names he’d told me she may be known as having forgotten all of those as well. — chris1300


















What about you? Any crazy tales? Share them during the comments…